Groom's Packages as gift vouchers - a fantastic gift

The Gentry now offer exclusive wedding packages. We offer unique packages to suit every individual, whether it's for 'The Groom' alone' or 'The Wedding Party' we can suit your needs. We are renowned for our expertise and knowledge in the art of shaving and enjoy sharing this with you. With our Platinum certificates on display you will feel comfortable and relaxed to know that you are in the hands of the experts. You can buy these packages direct or as a present in the form of a gift voucher for your loved one!

Wedding Package IncludesShave Doctor Gift Set

Groom - £75

Groom +1 - £150

Groom +2 - £225

Groom +3 - £300

About Your Hot Towel Traditional Wet Shave

What better way to unwind and leave the stress of every day life behind, than with this traditional cut throat razor shave. A relaxing 40 minutes being swathed in hot towels and treated by experts will leave you looking incredibly sharp and feeling invigorated and ready for the rest of the day. 
Using professional products from the Shavedoctor, whose founder has been globally recognised for his knowledge and expertise on achieving the perfect 'wet shave', you will leave with skin that's nourished and smooth.

The Shavedoctor is a leading traditional wet shave brand that has an uber cool skin care range and now a luxury wet shave experience in salons and spas across the UK. 
This experience will allow you to understand the fundamental rules of a cut throat razor shave and leave you with super soft skin, plus the knowledge of how best to shave in the future. With Shavedoctor creams, oils and moisturisers to take home with you in a ideal 'Travel Bag', you will be treated to a little bit of luxury.

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